Tokyo Thunder / Looking For Members, Feel Free To Join

Created a team with my friends when the game was released, but they don't want anything to do with the game now. So now I need new members. Feel free to join by replying here that you joined along with your High Octane Drift username and then go to my Tokyo Thunder steam group and join it. My Steam name is Snazzy_Neko and my High Octane Drift name is SnazzyXNeko.

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Current Members:




I will join

Theres minimun requeriments to join? If not, im joining.

ETS2Pro290 Sorry, I have not been on the forums for a good while nor have i played the game for a while, but I think I might get back into the game soon 🙂 so if you still want to join just send me a friend request and jump into the steam group.

asador941 nope, no requirements. Feel free to join in.

Bushido Style has also been around since about two weeks after release date (?). We have two spots available still but we have strong requirements to meet.

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