Vinyl Templates For Cars?

Hi I was wondering if there was any Templates for creating vinyls in photoshop i could later upload later into the game thanks!

Coming soon.

Right here they are working on it(Some cars do not have one yet):


Just select the folder at the top of the screen and apply the corresponding options to the car you would like to design for. After selecting all the options click on the button on the bottom that says 'Request BODY Template' and a PNG file will begin downloading. Open this file in a graphical editor of choice(Photoshop, Gimp) and apply layers of items where you want them to show on the body of the vehicle. When you're finished designing the custom wrap, export it as a PNG file no larger than 2048x2048 pixels while having the file size under 5mb.

Note: The template is a white outline on a transparent background showing where the layers are going to be mapped to the car. You might need to place a dark colored background layer behind the outlines to see it in the editor.

also, cant seem to find any template for bumpers, sideskirts etc for the brz rocket. The bodykit template works for the rest

very hard to make a vinyl

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