Score bug/hacks?

Hi Developers, As with all games "Hackers/Modders" are to be expected and it seems like some people have already found an exploit to the points system hopefully this will give you a chance to get ahead of it.  I recently played vs someone that was doing such a thing,  The battle was fun till the end of what seemed like a sub-par run from the opponent had left me stunned when it turned out his run was a score of 2.5 Million to my flawless run that was roughly 1.3 Million, In comes the next run I power through the course and get a nice score of around 1.2 million ending the race before the opponent got 1/2 through the track, His lap score was about 700,000 The Final score is what really got me with his 2.5M + 700K he somehow got 5.5 Million+(probably using/doing something that gives 2.5M score at the end of the run), seems a bit off to me.. Sorry if this is nothing or does not help at all thanks for reading. (unfortunately I did not get the persons name)

Yeah it's the reset exploit, But don't worry it got fixed apparently.

Here is a video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pmo6aMPJGMI

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