Mac OS?

So, my old windows PC broke. Me being the adventurous person i am, bought a Mac. Now i regret this decision and want to bring it back but, thats not happening. I love High octane, and have 100+ hours in it. Ive also spent over $150 in the game and really enjoy it and its community. Id love to play it again but, Mac isn't supported. As soon as it is i will be spending more time in the game and recommending it to every friend i have that enjoys drifting. But until then i don't know what to do.. There are no free drift games that even compare to HoD. I also recommend never getting a Mac computer ever. Its fucking trash. AND i cant even make wraps. As Paint.net doesn't support mac either. Sooo THANKS APPLE, You've screwed me out of an amazing game.

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