1) can't buy cars.
2) Often "Race results" will overlap all menu and you can't close it
3) People sometimes just can't race
4) Can't tune suspension. game freezes.
5) Resolution change doesn't work 
6) Car prices vanish
7) Help doesn't work
8) various Community Menus overlap and all become unreadable

Also you can't SELF REPAIR the car because when the mouse hovers the menu it closes. So you can't click.

everytime you click to expand your garage..it will increase a number even if you didn't pay. 1/3 - 1/4 - 1/5 etc

Rims paint can't be seen

Every time I load into the menu it throws me back to the loading screen and says "Disconnected from Lobby" and I can't close it.

I also cant buy cars, and considering i sold the beginner car, i'm fucked.

i to am having this truble.

but all in all send me a message and i would like to set up voice chat with you all so i can help

#1 is one of my biggest problems right now. Now I have no car because i sold my starter for the 180x, but it wont let me buy it even though i have enough money now.

as of now

  1.  can't buy cars - being addressed right now;
  2.  race results overlaying issue - fixed;
  3.  ppl can't race - probably, because of input issues, addressed;
  4.  game freeze during suspension - going to check that;
  5.  resolution change - going to check that;
  6.  car price - fixing;
  7. 7 + 8 Help and Overlays - going to hide help menu, menu overlays is being addressed.

* Rims paint is pretty darn strange, fixing

Thanks for reporting.

Hey! Whenever i start the game choose region, it loads and then the wheel on bottom right stops spinning and then the game just freezes every time. I hope this can be fixed because i really wanna play this game looks really cool!

Bugs can´t buy garage updates for example Car Jack

Sometimes camera changes automatically

Bug with joining in circuit race !
When join 2 people in circuit race there is no problem , but when we stand 3 people in one room players 1 and 2 play and 3 rd player searching for oponents !

And I never leave a game ! A message pop up in the game under bar and it's says "if you leave one more time you will be banned currently !

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